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Our Journey

I am the Wandering Lemurian, also known as Haseya. I grew up in a healers home, filled with herbs and crystals. My mom would make my sister and me all sorts of brews and concoctions for when we were sick, couldn't sleep, or just for the fun of creating something tasty for her beloved babes. With the help of her spirit guide Tumaro, she made herbal and aromatherapy blends that she used for foot soaks during her intuitive readings and reflexology foot massages. It was always a treat when she would do a reading for me.

     My mother passed away seven years ago leaving me with her jars of herbs, essential oils, books, and various cryptic notes and recipes relating to herbalism and aromatherapy. Little did I know what lay in store for me in acquiring these gifts. As a young girl I spent most of my days outside climbing trees, talking to animals, or digging for crystals. I have always felt akin to the Earth. I would (and to this day still) sit and converse with her through silent meditation, sending healing hugs of energy to her as a means to convey my love and gratitude for all she has blessed and continues to bless me with.

     Building a connection with the Earth is something I've come to deeply cherish. I am grateful for my mother, for all the past and present herbalists, medicine men and women, spirit guides, friends, and especially the plants who have been/are apart of my continued learning journey of herbal medicine. To keep the spirit of herbalism alive, I now pass on my shared knowledge to you.