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Wise Woman

Aubrey Mundell


I am nearing the end of my 34th revolution around the Sun, and the Wise Woman in me is finally feeling comfortable in her own skin.

To her, smile lines and crow's feet are a thing of beauty, as they symbolize a happy heart and a joyful life.

She has let go of expectations from herself and others, and lives in the dance of the present moment with the Universe.

She knows she will always be taken care of if she listens to her heart and does what brings her joy.

She's not afraid of her darkness and willingly meets her karmic experiences with open arms and a humble heart.

She honors hearties with all creatures and knows that thy are as much her as she is them. She acknowledges the power of the sacred cycles of life-death-life and knows that from dust we came and unto dust we will return.

She does not fear death, she embraces life!